Grayscale refers to the gradation level with different brightness from the darkest to the brightest. The more intermediate levels there are, the more delicate the picture effect can be.

We all know that the X-ray images are not color, but black and white. But this does not affect us to find defects, because we can still distinguish the outline of the object based on the depth of black and white.

When the density of an object is higher and the thickness is thicker, its X-ray image will be darker. The lower the density and the smaller the thickness of an object, the closer its X-ray image will be to white.

Therefore, when the flat panel detector of the PCB X-ray machine can represent the density and thickness of the product with more color levels, the X-ray image presented by the flat panel detector will be more delicate.

Usually, we use bits to represent the level of grayscale, and how many bits represent the power of two. For example, 8 bits = 28 = 256, which means 256 gray levels.

grayscale value

grayscale value

South Korea’s Rayence flat-panel detector, which is standard on the Wellman PCB X-ray machine, has 14 gray levels, which is 16,384 gray levels, allows X PCB X-ray machine to display very delicate images. Besides, we also have up to 16-bit flat panel detectors for you to choose from.