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What can the X-ray inspection system and X-ray part counter do?
Can my product be inspected by an X-ray machine?
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What does X-ray can do?
How does the X-ray machine work?
How does the X-ray machine inspect my product?
How fast is the Wellman X-ray parts counter?
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Our Service

1. Warranty
The whole machine (including all parts) is guaranteed for one year. Customers can also buy a longer warranty.

2. After-sales service
No matter where you are on the planet, we provide on-site installation and training services. We also provide lifetime technical support, permanent software updates. 

3. Quick response
We respond to customer’s questions within 24 hours.

4. Custom service
Not everyone can find the right machine, we have a professional technical team with many years of experience that can customize the best X-ray solution for you.

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