The X-ray detection technology uses the difference in the absorption of X-RAY by different materials to image the internal structure of the object and then detect the internal defects, it has been widely used in the fields of industrial flaw detection and detection, medical inspection and safety inspection.

Solid State Drive X-ray imaging

Application of X-ray in the lithium battery industry:

In some cases, if the finished battery is used, the internal structure cannot be tested, so it is just right to use non-destructive testing equipment to ensure the isolation state by detecting whether the cathode and anode are misaligned, this plays a vital role in the security of subsequent listings.

The application of X-ray in the semiconductor industry:

The current common method of chip inspection is usually to peel off the chip layer by layer, and then use an electron microscope to take pictures of each layer of the surface, this detection method is extremely destructive to the chip, at this time , X-ray non-destructive testing technology may help, electronic chip X-ray testing equipment mainly uses X-rays to irradiate the inside of the chip, due to the strong penetrating power of X-rays, it can penetrate the chip and then image, the fracture of its internal structure can be seen at a glance, the most important feature of using X-rays to detect chips is that there is no damage to the chip itself, so this detection method is also called non-destructive testing.

Mobile phone battery X-ray imaging

Application of X-ray in the field of public security:

Public security checkpoint, the one-stop X-ray police inspection station that separates people and vehicles is a comprehensive inspection method, which is suitable for important traffic fortresses, border defense, customs, etc. After the vehicle license plate is recognized, it enters the X-ray inspection area, and the driver and passengers enter the adjacent area. At the inspection gate, carry-on items are put into the X-ray security inspection machine, and personnel pass through the metal security inspection gate. At the same time, the machine recognizes the face and compares the identity information in the database. Such a set of security inspection operations ensures the safety of vehicles and passengers, and no prohibited items that are difficult to find will be hidden.